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Thai erotic massage - extraordinary bliss and a way to know the desires of your own body

Thai erotic massageThe art of pleasure-giving touch is found in many massage techniques. Thai erotic massage is a vivid example of such a procedure, both useful and pleasant. Body language has evolved over the centuries. At first, this procedure was available only to noble dignitaries and crowned persons. The massage is performed in 2 stages:

  • relaxing massage performed by the masters with their palms;
  • the master performs the influence on the sensitive areas with the whole body. The client and the masseuse are completely naked.

Features of performing Thai eromassage for men, women, couples: enjoyment and benefits.

Nuru massage is a Japanese philosophy of getting pleasure without intimacy

Nuru massageThe Japanese know a lot about sensual pleasures. Oriental beauties can deliver incredible pleasure without classic sexual penetration. Nuru massage is not just a pleasant procedure with an impact on sensitive areas of the body, but also a wonderful sight, an ancient beautiful ceremony. The massage session is not aimed at deeply working out the muscles. Its goal is maximum relaxation and relaxation. This massage helps to cope with stress, get rid of negativity and fatigue, disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding world, focusing on pleasure.

Healing Lingam massage: an erotic massage technique for men that benefits the male body

Lingam massageCorrect lingam massage not only brings sexual partners closer, but can also be used for health purposes. The ancient technique helps men in the fight against sexual impotence, fills them with life-giving energies and develops the sensuality of the male body to a high level.

The history of lingam massage: the emergence of a popular massage technique and its significance in sexual practices

If you translate the word "Lingam" from Sanskrit, then the translation will literally indicate the male genitals. The history of this massage is rooted in Indian and Chinese culture. Interesting to know! “The famous geisha of the East knew how to massage the“ rod of light ”for so long that their ward could enjoy the process for up to 3 hours in a row.”

An unforgettable erotic massage at home: twice the pleasure!

Erotic massage at homeToday erotic massage at home is a natural desire that may arise after tiring everyday life. Such a service, with the departure of masseurs to the client, will bring maximum pleasure without forcing you to leave the house!

About the main features of the services 

When ordering an erotic massage at home, it is enough to voice the desired type of massage and preferences about the masseur, if any. Having indicated the exact address, it remains to wait for the arrival of the masseuse to the destination. The client will only have to prepare for the meeting - to deal with all problematic work matters and think about an action plan for the next evening. 

Modern classical massage: history, meaning for the body, benefits and harms of massage techniques

Classic massageCorrectly performed classical massage brings tangible benefits to the human body. Many health problems can be solved quickly and easily if the wellness center includes the right massage techniques. Consider the aspects of classic massage from all sides.

Classic massage: the history of the emergence of massage techniques in different cultures of the world

Full-fledged classical massage originated in China 3000 years ago BC. Historical documents of that time contain information about the use of the first massage techniques in the military environment after the battles.