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The "Master" service will make you feel like you are in charge and experience new emotions

Service OverlordA standard session of erotic massage can be complemented by the "Overlord" service, which is configured to satisfy the secret wishes of the guest. At one point, he can become not just a guest, but a real master for a masseuse girl. Such an additional service is becoming quite popular, since with its help even very demanding customers can achieve the peak of pleasure. All the action takes place in an equipped massage room, and well-groomed and beautiful girls who are ready to take part in numerous games and create the most comfortable atmosphere for those who have applied to the services of an erotic salon for the first time look after the comfort of clients.

What are the privileges of the "Overlord" service?

"Overlord" is a person who is willing and able to lead the process. Such a guest is allowed many pities, which a beautiful and well-groomed girl-masseuse will have to fulfill. The client can caress her body parts with her lips and tongue, touch the erogenous zones, ask to take off her underwear. A unique technique is combined here with a small role-playing game in which the master gives his orders to the masseuse herself. She fulfills them and helps to get involved in the process itself, even for those who experience some difficulties or constraints. You can start the game with a humorous request and, as arousal builds up, complicate the task for the masseuse herself. The result of such caresses is complete liberation and the possibility of obtaining double pleasure without using standard sexual practices. 

A slightly muted light and aromatic oil notes in the air help create a special atmosphere. The overlord can oil the masseuse and slowly enjoy the session itself, ask for a beautiful dance or slow undressing. If necessary, you can use additional attributes - ribbons, eye masks, toy handcuffs. During the session, it is important to observe ethical standards and just enjoy the process in the company of a beautiful and well-groomed girl who is trying to realize all the long-awaited sexual fantasies. 

Advantages of contacting a specialized salon:

  • competent and competent employees who are determined to create a certain relaxing atmosphere;
  • a wide range of services for particularly demanding clients;
  • loyal pricing policy, ready-made option packages allow you to save money;
  • sterility guarantee - fully equipped couches and dressing area for guests, after each client a disinfection procedure is carried out;
  • all masseuses are endowed with extensive experience in order to provide the visitor with maximum relaxation.

Guaranteed anonymity and security for all categories of guests

The special service "Overlord" can be both an independent option and an excellent addition to a regular erotic massage session. It is preferred by strong and confident men for effective stress relief after a hard week of work. Masseuse girls are very supportive of the wishes of the guests and show high professionalism, thanks to which every man can feel like a confident master. During the session, the wildest fantasies and dreams come true. Of course, to ensure maximum comfort for all participants in the session, it is recommended to follow simple guidelines. So, regardless of the type of service, the guest is prohibited from entering. It is worthwhile to determine in advance the scope of what is permissible or to share your fantasy with the masseuse herself. In this case, you can improve the quality of the procedures and maintain a trusting relationship throughout the session.