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Shared shower / jacuzzi with masseuse and service features

Shared shower or jacuzzi with a masseuseAn additional program in the erotic massage salon includes a joint shower / jacuzzi with a masseuse. This is the optimal option for those who wish to thoroughly relax and experience new sensations. Only specialized salons can offer a service with a jacuzzi in fully equipped rooms, which will preserve the guest's anonymity and exclude other sensitive issues. He can only enjoy the process with the participation of a beautiful girl-masseuse, who has a lot of skills and good experience to carry out such procedures at a decent level. 

Features of procedures

A full shower / jacuzzi shared with a masseuse will allow you to properly relax and immerse yourself in a unique atmosphere. Aqua foam massage has the most beneficial effect on the skin. The masseuse creates a unique composition using sea salts and aromatic oils. The guest will be able to experience the whole range of emotions and feel every movement, regardless of the degree of intensity.

During the massage, the gentle hands of the masseuse skillfully pass over the strong and excited body. Exposure to foam and oils can help ease movement and release some muscle tightness. The guest feels as confident and comfortable as possible. The masseuse herself confidently acts on the erogenous zones, combining the classic massage technique with light stroking of the neck, back and genitals. To perform the procedure, not only hands and fingers are involved, but also the legs of the masseuse. The guest can choose the most comfortable position for him to feel the most vivid emotions from the process.

Benefits of visiting a specialized salon:

  • guarantee of complete safety during the visit;
  • the ability to select an individual package of services for any needs;
  • before the visit of each guest, public areas are sanitized - shower, jacuzzi;
  • loyal cost of the session, which is discussed in advance;
  • extensive experience of competent masseuses of the salon.

A joint shower / jacuzzi with a masseuse will allow you to pleasantly relax after a hard day's work. The jacuzzi is filled with warm water, several massage modes are connected to the system, thanks to which a stream of water of a comfortable temperature envelops the entire body. This process can be complemented by pleasant musical accompaniment, foamy extravaganza and aromas of natural oils, thanks to which you can experience a feeling of joy and get away from existing problems as much as possible. Champagne can be ordered as an option. A milk bath is also marked in the price list as a separate item, but such services are absolutely available for all interested visitors.