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Striptease: a graceful form of erotic art that delights not only men but also women

StripteaseStriptease dance has a very long history. As well as those establishments where you can look at it. For a long time both men and women danced striptease. The success of the dancer depended on the control of the body, but the external surroundings of the dance have always been of great importance.

The history of classic striptease: oriental fiery dance and modern burlesque

Belly dance in the East and cancan in the West - this is where you should look for the origins of the modern pole show. Pilon was not always present in the history of erotic dance. But not a single striptease was complete without exposing certain parts of the body. Interesting to know! “The first public strip dance was performed in France. During one beauty contest, the girl wanted to win so much that she was completely naked on stage. They didn’t give her the crown, but they wrote out a substantial fine ”.

The girl smilesFrom the above story, we can conclude that everything has its time and place. So striptease, which is performed in nightclubs, cabarets like the Moulin Rouge and behind closed bedroom doors, is appropriate in these places. People go to such establishments just for a striptease. Burlesque, fun and erotic dancing help you relax after a hard day and definitely lift your spirits.

Striptease ethics: do not confuse choreography with prostitution and other intimate services

Due to the fact that in low-standard establishments of the last century, dancers began to provide intimate services to the audience, striptease began to be confused with prostitution. This is not entirely true. Indeed, for a real striptease, you need high-level choreographic skills, excellent physical shape and expensive costumes. The key place in the dance is plastic, not eroticism.

         High requirements are imposed on the dancers of a real striptease:

  1. Body without flaws and excess weight.
  2. Excellent health to withstand physical activity.
  3. Well-groomed appearance with manicure, pedicure and depilation.

Also, the stripper or stripper must think through the show from start to finish. Each movement should be connected with the previous one, an unusual theme for a dance or an enchanting costume for a beneficial demonstration of the body welcomes. Strippers are paid so much for high-quality performance that they no longer need to provide intimate services to their clients.

Striptease today: where can one legally watch an erotic dance show today?

For such dances, there are nightclubs, erotic massage parlors and cabaret with a special menu. The dancers from these establishments do not engage in prostitution, but they know how to kindle hearts and bodies with a light movement of a leg or swaying a hip. The private dances included in the program may or may not be continued. It all depends on the personal choice of the dancer.