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Erotic VIP massage - an extraordinary ocean of pleasure and health improvement

Erotic VIP massageRelaxation and good rest is necessary for every person after a difficult day full of stress. The best relaxation is under the hands of a pretty girl who performs an erotic VIP massage. The procedure improves mood, helps relieve tension and anxiety.

The technique of erotic massage goes back many centuries. In addition, this is a full-fledged health-improving procedure that increases efficiency, normalizes metabolic processes, improves well-being and, of course, the quality of intimacy. Often, erotic massage is prescribed as a therapeutic measure to eliminate sexual problems. Despite the fact that there are many articles on the network about the technique of this procedure, a real erotic VIP massage can only be done by a professional of the highest class.

Features and benefits of erotic massage, requirements for the master

Brunette masseuseAccording to the majority of clients, VIP eromassage has a beneficial effect not only on well-being, but also on health in general. Its benefits include:

  • improving the quality of intimacy, increasing sexual desire;
  • disclosure of one's own sexuality, knowledge of the desires of the body, the study of erogenous zones;
  • treatment of sexual disorders of a psychological nature;
  • a rewarding sensory experience;
  • wonderful rest, elimination of stress, getting positive emotions

Basically, erotic VIP massage is performed by young attractive women, less often by men. The service is provided to clients of both sexes, as well as to couples who wish not only to improve, but also to diversify their intimate life. Masters graduate from special courses, where they acquire all the skills necessary for work. According to customer reviews, the bliss from such a procedure is no less than from high-quality sex.

How is erotic massage of a VIP class carried out in a professional salon

Each movement of the master in erotic massage has a special meaning. To achieve the best effect, the specialist uses various objects: candle wax, a fur brush or an ice cube. Take a shower before the session. The features of the procedure include:

  • a specific relaxing atmosphere that allows you to rest physically and mentally;
  • massage begins at a slow pace with a gradual acceleration of movements;
  • erotic VIP massage involves the use of various classical techniques, but always continuously. The slightest pause can nullify the result;
  • the massage therapist is also in a somewhat agitated state - this is necessary to convey emotions to the client;
  • the session is conducted by a completely naked girl. Options are possible when the master works dressed.

To achieve the best result, it is advisable to first tell the masseuse about the desires and the location of the erogenous zones. All additional services (joint bath, communication in an office setting) are paid additionally. Contact with a client outside the walls of the establishment is strictly prohibited.