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Modern classical massage: history, meaning for the body, benefits and harms of massage techniques

Classic massageCorrectly performed classical massage brings tangible benefits to the human body. Many health problems can be solved quickly and easily if the wellness center includes the right massage techniques. Consider the aspects of classic massage from all sides.

Classic massage: the history of the emergence of massage techniques in different cultures of the world

Full-fledged classical massage originated in China 3000 years ago BC. Historical documents of that time contain information about the use of the first massage techniques in the military environment after the battles.

Blonde sittingIndia, Korea, Japan and Thailand have contributed equally to the development of massage. References to improved techniques can be found in Ayurveda, the writings of Hippocrates and the notes of the Roman Galen. It's important to know! “Massage and self-massage came to Europe in the 15th century. It was then that the interest of society in physical therapy in particular, as well as in massage techniques in general, increased. "

Horsetail is a Slavic term for a blow to the body with a broom in a bath. In Russia, classical massage began its procession in Russian baths. And only then its elements were brought to the Slavic countries from the East.

Classics of massage: the benefits and harms of a unique procedure, as well as its importance in improving the body

         The benefits of massage techniques are as follows:

  1. Increased blood flow.
  2. Acceleration of lymph flow.
  3. Improving metabolism.
  4. Relief of pain and clamps in muscles and joints.
  5. Smoothing of the skin.
  6. Increased tissue and muscle nutrition.
  7. Raising emotional tone.
  8. Relaxation of those parts of the body that do not relax well in everyday life.

Based on all of the above, it becomes clear why classical massage is so popular all over the world.

Massage techniques play an important role in the rehabilitation after accidents and severe injuries. They help to improve a person's condition after a stroke, heart attack and other diseases.

The harm from massage can be obtained if the sessions were carried out despite contraindications. All infections, chronic diseases in the acute stage, skin ailments, hypertension and epilepsy are absolute contraindications to massage. Before the massage, you should ask your doctor about other diseases.

Kneading the body along the massage lines is considered a classic in massage techniques. Stroking, circular motions of the hands and patting also contribute to the health of the body.

Where to do classic massage today? Tips for choosing a place and massage therapist for a successful procedure

To receive a classic massage service, you only need to go to an experienced massage therapist. Before starting the session, it is worth checking the master's certificate, which should contain information about the level of education and the place of study. Cleanliness in the massage room is of great importance, as well as a friendly attitude towards the client. Today, the classic massage service can be obtained at home, in the salon, in the medical center.