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Healing Lingam massage: an erotic massage technique for men that benefits the male body

Lingam massageCorrect lingam massage not only brings sexual partners closer, but can also be used for health purposes. The ancient technique helps men in the fight against sexual impotence, fills them with life-giving energies and develops the sensuality of the male body to a high level.

The history of lingam massage: the emergence of a popular massage technique and its significance in sexual practices

If you translate the word "Lingam" from Sanskrit, then the translation will literally indicate the male genitals. The history of this massage is rooted in Indian and Chinese culture. Interesting to know! “The famous geisha of the East knew how to massage the“ rod of light ”for so long that their ward could enjoy the process for up to 3 hours in a row.”

Brunette on the bedIn tantric practices, the lingam has a special place. During the procedure, the masseuse stimulates the man's penis, massages his testicles and kneads the perineum to enhance blood circulation. Orgasm is not always the goal of this massage. During the session, it is imperative to achieve complete relaxation of the person.

The benefits of oriental massage: male health problems that the lingam can solve in a few sessions

A complete lingam massage has the following benefits:

  1. Fights prostatitis.
  2. Strengthens the muscles around the male genitals.
  3. Accelerates and enhances blood circulation.
  4. Calms and relaxes the nervous system.
  5. Relieves stress.
  6. Improves sleep.
  7. Reduces pain from injury, inflammation and disease.

This massage technique involves close contact between the client and the therapist. The erotic bias of the procedure is not the main goal, but it looks like a pleasant bonus to health.

Blonde on the bedAccording to the rules, the lingam massage cannot be performed if the client is sick with an infectious disease, has tumors. Is in the stage of exacerbation of any chronic disease or has a skin ailment. All this is a contraindication for the procedure. If you violate the listed prohibitions, then there will be no benefit from the massage. The procedure will only do harm.

Erotic massage of the lingam: where is a useful male massage with an erotic bias done?

Since the massage technique is considered very sensual and delicate, you will not be able to get such a massage in the hospital's treatment room. To receive the lingam massage service, you need to contact a massage parlor, or ask your partner to master this wisdom for home practice. Massage oil, a pleasant environment and gentle hands - that's all you need to achieve this kind of healing. To prolong pleasure for a long time, you need to make slow and smooth movements. Then the very first massage session will bring tangible benefits to the man's body.