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Nuru massage is a Japanese philosophy of getting pleasure without intimacy

Nuru massageThe Japanese know a lot about sensual pleasures. Oriental beauties can deliver incredible pleasure without classic sexual penetration. Nuru massage is not just a pleasant procedure with an impact on sensitive areas of the body, but also a wonderful sight, an ancient beautiful ceremony. The massage session is not aimed at deeply working out the muscles. Its goal is maximum relaxation and relaxation. This massage helps to cope with stress, get rid of negativity and fatigue, disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding world, focusing on pleasure.

Japanese Nuru philosophy, a new world of sensations: the main benefits and benefits of massage technique

Nuru massage is one of the most sensual and unusual. Instead of the traditional "manual" session, the girl uses the curves of her own body as a massage tool. At the same time, the client experiences incomparable bliss. The uniqueness and advantages of this technique are as follows:

  • complete relaxation. Of all the massage procedures, this one is the most enjoyable;
  • pronounced anti-aging effect;
  • normalization of blood circulation, lowering blood pressure;
  • improving tissue oxygen supply;
  • normalization of exchange processes;
  • elimination of stress and anxiety;
  • reduction of muscle tension;
  • activation of sexual energy.

Japanese Nuru massage, done regularly and correctly, helps to improve the overall health of the body. It is also useful for couples who would like to improve the quality of intimacy and strengthen the spiritual connection.

Massage session: order of execution, feeling during and after the wellness procedure

The Nuru massage technique has the following features:

  • during the session the client and the master girl are completely naked;
  • before the session, the masseuse is smeared with a special gel that contains stimulating substances from nori algae. The extract is odorless and gives the skin elasticity and firmness. In addition, the gel contains extracts of medicinal plants such as chamomile and aloe vera, natural moisturizers. The product does not cause an allergic reaction. This makes the procedure accessible to everyone. The masseuse, on whose skin the gel is applied, looks very exotic. The skin is smooth, shiny, and the touch is extremely pleasant;
  • the body of the master girl is her massage tool. It slides over the client's skin, from head to toe.

Girl undressing on the couchMuscle relaxation increases with each movement. At the end of the massage, the person feels completely renewed. A particular advantage is that the client experiences erotic bliss without traditional intimacy.

Nuru massage is a centuries-old Japanese philosophy. A calm and pacifying atmosphere, the use of candles with a pleasant aroma, unobtrusive oriental music - all this creates a unique atmosphere and ensures an excellent result. The massage can be performed by one girl or several. The duration of the session is 1-3 hours. An ancient Japanese procedure is a kind of key not only to obtaining sensual bliss, but also to the healing of the body as a whole.