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Thai erotic massage - extraordinary bliss and a way to know the desires of your own body

Thai erotic massageThe art of pleasure-giving touch is found in many massage techniques. Thai erotic massage is a vivid example of such a procedure, both useful and pleasant. Body language has evolved over the centuries. At first, this procedure was available only to noble dignitaries and crowned persons. The massage is performed in 2 stages:

  • relaxing massage performed by the masters with their palms;
  • the master performs the influence on the sensitive areas with the whole body. The client and the masseuse are completely naked.

Features of performing Thai eromassage for men, women, couples: enjoyment and benefits.

The physiology of men and women is different, therefore Thai erotic massage is performed taking into account the characteristics of sensitivity in men and women. Ladies like gentle caresses, and men are attracted by an exciting moment. The general principles for performing the procedure are as follows:

  • it is recommended to discuss feelings with the master;
  • calm relaxing environment;
  • an obligatory moment is the use of special creams with a natural composition and aromatic oils. Incense is selected individually. For example, the scent of jasmine promotes liberation, suppresses excessive shyness. Sandalwood scent promotes erotic arousal .;
  • Thai erotic massage provides a smooth transition from the most gentle caresses to intense stimulating effects on sensitive areas.

Thai massage for gentlemen, main features: relaxation and excitement

Girl kneelingBefore the start of the session, the man takes a shower and tries to tune in to a positive mood. The features of the procedure are as follows:

  • an important point is the presence of visual contact, the ability to observe the actions of the masseuse;
  • the climax when the master uses the whole body to influence the client's body. The slides are gradually accelerating, the action resembles a beautiful seductive dance, full of erotic fire. The girl touches the client's body with her buttocks, stomach and chest;
  • in erogenous zones the masseuse acts with her fingers, caresses the sensitive areas of the body with hair and freshens breath.

After a properly performed massage, the body feels pleasant languor and relaxation. Then the man feels an indescribable surge of vivacity, energy and positiveness. Activity increases, work capacity increases. Such procedures are a good prevention of prostate diseases.

Thai massage for girls - the way to know the desires of your own body

The general principles of eromassage in Thai for men and women are similar. But there are special nuances of impact on intimate areas:

  • when kneading the female body, the masseuse pays the most attention to the hips, waist and abdomen;
  • touching the mammary glands - gentle, caressing circular movements. Separately massage the chest area;
  • massage intimate areas with fingertips, gentle caressing movements.

Couples eromassage session - unforgettable bliss for two, a way to get to know each other better

Thai erotic massage for a couple is a universal session, after which both a woman and a man experience extraordinary pleasure, a maximum of positive emotions. The procedure is especially suitable for partners who dream of playing group sex or a cuckold scenario:

  • during the relaxation phase, both partners enjoy the classic massage. Pleasant relaxation is the result of this phase;
  • the next moment - gentle caresses in intimate areas, after which the girls begin to massage the whole body;
  • at the end of the massage the couple is left alone for a while.

The benefits of a Thai eromassage session for partners are obvious. Massage promotes rapprochement in a couple, helps to solve the problem of erectile dysfunction, and improves the quality of intimacy. The procedure is universal and useful for people of different ages.