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Our programs

Foot fetish

50 min./1600 UAH

(Sensual erotic massage helps to reduce psychological stress, enhances natural attraction to the opposite sex. It is important to satisfy personal preferences and desires with skill and care, which is expertly realized in the Afina salon. “Foot fetish” – the ability to enjoy the expressive beauty of the curves and shape of female legs )

VIP person

60 min./1600 UAH (one girl)

60 min./3100 UAH (two girls)

(The masseuse is completely naked. Classic full body massage. Body massage. One relaxation. Touching and kisses on the body, excluding the intimate area and face. Sharing a shower with a girl. Champagne as a gift. )

Role exchange

90 min./2500 UAH

(For those men for whom traditional erotic relaxation seems too commonplace, or for those who prefer an active position, our program offers to be in the role of a massage master for a charming young lady. The Role Exchange program assumes that you will manage the whole process together, simultaneously delivering and receiving your portion of pleasure and relaxation. Gentle touching and stroking the female body will bring any man to the peak of arousal. After all, just the thought of how your hands will touch and slide along every bend of a lovely lady, it gets hot! Bonus: Full touch for the girl (excluding the bikini area and face) shower cocktail. The program includes two relaxations. )

Double pleasure

75 min./2100 UAH

(You are undressing the master girl. Body massage. Classic full body massage. Body massage. Touching them, kisses on the body, excluding the intimate area and face. Sharing a shower with a girl. Champagne as a gift. )

Royal standard

90 min./2500 UAH

(You undress a girl-master or a striptease to choose from. Body massage. Classic full body massage. Body massage. Touching and kisses on the body, excluding the intimate area and face. Lingam massage or another body massage with relaxation to choose from. Sharing a shower with a girl. Champagne as a gift.)


30 min./1200 UAH

(Erotic massage “Stranger” is your mysterious and passionate adventure. If you decide to escape from everyday affairs and other worries, surrendering to the power of relaxation, but at the same time want something special, then the erotic massage “Stranger” will be the ideal choice. A delicate and pleasant massage will return your vitality, add passion and a great mood. )

A good conversationalist

60 min./1500 UAH

(Conversations about everything. All attention to you. 50 grams of whiskey and cola as a gift.)

VIP massage “Afina”

120 min./2800 UAH

(VIP massage “Afina”: full body massage, 2 erotica, kisses and touches, lingam massage, head massage, striptease, as well as a choice of erotica or shower after massage with a masseuse, champagne. )

“You misbehaved” (“Mistress”)

60 min./from 2500 UAH

(With graceful and sexy gestures, the Mistress of your body will fully demonstrate to you all the strength and power. In a moment you are already in the full power of Her passions and desires. Your body will be dominated until it feels sweet pain. And we do not advise you to resist, as punishment for this will make you shudder…. Can you withstand all her orders, whims, demands? For your obedience a prize awaits you – incredible ecstasy! You will be able to determine the course of events yourself: plunge into a sensual massage or do without it altogether and give free rein to the beautiful Craftswoman to dominate you. )

Massage for couples

60 min./3200 UAH

90 min./4100 UAH

(Erotic massage for a man and a woman who are a couple. It can be performed both by two girls and by a man-masseur with a girl-masseuse. Touching and kissing on the body (excluding the intimate area and face). The massage is performed by two masters (two girls or a man + a girl, at the request of the couple). A program with one masseuse involves a massage for a man or a woman, where the second partner acts as an observer. After the session is over, the masseuse will leave and you can practice the art of bodily pleasures. )

Lord’s kingdom

90 min./5000 UAH

(The masseuses are completely naked. Classic massage in 4 hands. Light lesbian show. Peep show. Body massage with relaxation (at the request of the gentleman, a second relaxation). Kissing and touching the body, excluding the intimate area and face. Simultaneous massage of the head and feet. Shared shower with girls. Champagne as a gift. The whole program is performed by two girls.)

Massage supplements

Jacuzzi session with relaxation
1200 UAH
Additional relaxation
400 UAH
Undress a girl
300 UAH
Rent a room
60 min./1500 UAH
Erotic costume
500 UAH

(At will, the masseuse can embody your secret fantasies and transform into a costume: “stewardess”, “nurse”, “cat”, “bunny”, “student”, “student”.)

Shower with a girl with relaxation
500 UAH

(This massage is performed in the bathroom. Candles are lit and relaxing music is playing. The girl bathes you with her hands, then smears her body with shower gel – she slides over your body, bending beautifully to the music. Thus, the “little mermaid” brings you to relaxation. )

500 UAH

(Erotic toys add a special sensibility to this massage. The girl caresses her body, smearing herself with oil and brings you with her arousal to super-stormy relaxation.)

500 UAH
Prostate massage
1000 UAH
Lesbian show
1000 UAH
Foot fetish
700 UAH
Shower with a girl
300 UAH
Jacuzzi session
800 UAH