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Erotic massage
in the Kiev salon "Athena".
What you should know about our services?

Erotic massage is a massage performed by a completely nude masseuse in a professionally equipped room. Such manipulations include light and intense stroking, kisses, caresses with hands and other parts of the female body; if the client wishes, the program can be supplemented, for example, with a general healing massage. The main purpose of this service is to give the client pleasure and maximum relaxation.

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Why should you visit our Athena salon?

Regardless of whether for the first time you plan to come to an intimate massage in Kiev, or similar experience has already been in your practice, we strive to offer our clients the most comfortable conditions that will immediately get rid of conventions. The staff of the salon "Athena" employs experienced girls, for whom the wishes of the guests occupy a high place. They will help to maximize freedom even for those clients who, for whatever reason, were afraid to completely relax. A wide range of additional services will surely delight sophisticated guests.

We are always ready to provide preliminary consultations if you have any questions regarding a future session, as well as guarantee complete safety during and after procedures. In addition, the following privileges are available to you:

Separate entrance

Separate entrance to Salon AthenaIn our salon - separate entrance from the street. This makes it possible at any time of the day not to meet the tenants of the house, overly curious concierges, security guards, etc.

Parking in the center of Kiev


convenient location of the salon - in the very center of Kiev near Independence Square and own reserved parking always available to our customers;

Shower in every room


Each room of our salon has a shower. Therefore, you will not run into other clients in the corridor, you do not need to wait until the bathroom is empty.

Beautiful girls

Beautiful girls masseuses

beautiful, young, very competent girls masseuses who know how to do erotic massage;



we work around the clock 24/7, and we offer on-site erotic massage services;

Online massage appointment

Administrator girl

the ability to place an order online through the website (order a call back).

How to properly prepare for an erotic massage session?

The client can come for a sensual massage at a predetermined time. This procedure does not require special preparation. You should not use alcohol and other substances; if you feel unwell, it is recommended to postpone the session. Before the erotic massage itself, you must completely naked. The capabilities of the salon allow you to do this directly in the massage room.

Only the client himself will have access to things, who will not have to worry about the safety or violation of anonymity during the procedure. Eromassage is performed by a competent masseuse. She will also be completely naked, which will allow for the closest possible contact during the procedure.

Session safety comes first!

Even if you were embarrassed to ask, we are ready to clarify the point related to your safety. In our salon, confidentiality conditions are respected, our employees undergo regular medical examinations. The cabinets are pre-sterilized, our clients always have access to clean changeable linen: sheets, towels, etc., as well as disposable slippers.

Body massage and erotic massage: we know about the differences

One of the main services of our salon is erotic massage, which includes a body massage procedure (body-to-body massage, or naked body massage). The procedure is complemented by a healing, natural or general massage at the beginning / end of the procedure. With a simple body massage, such manipulations are not used. Foreplay will help to actively influence the client's arousal, promote immersion in the process. If the guest wants to finish the manipulations with a medical massage, then the masseuse will easily complete the task. During this procedure, additional stimulation of problem points occurs, the body itself calms down as much as possible, moves away from an excited state. Scented candles or essential oils can be used to create the right atmosphere. Men will appreciate the availability of services and the professionalism of the masseuses themselves, they will be able to request a full consultation if questions arise.

Types of erotic massage: how to choose your ideal session?

Popular types of eromassage:

erotic massage for men

erotic massage for men

the girl makes nude body caresses to achieve the best relaxation of the guest

erotic massage for women

Erotic massage for women.

massage for a girl or a woman, in which a female masseuse and / or a male masseur acts on the main points - the neck, shoulders, back and erogenous zones

erotic massage for couples

erotic massage for couples

a special massage for two, where two masseuses fulfill the wishes of a married couple or lovers

Thai eromassage

Thai eromassage

has a beneficial effect not only on the reproductive system, but also on the rest of the client's body, including muscles, bones and ligaments

nuru massage

Nuru massage in Kiev

Japanese technique in which the masseuse covers her body with a colorless sliding gel based on seaweed for the best contact with the body of a naked client

lingam massage

Lingam massage at Athena salon

not just a massage, but a whole philosophy aimed at maximum relaxation of a man

erotic massage at home

Erotic massage at home.

with departure to the client at the specified address, you can arrange the service by prior arrangement at any time

classic massage

Classic massage

classic medical massage of the back and body, performed by a competent masseuse, has a healing effect

VIP massage

Erotic VIP massage

a special type of service, which includes erotic massage + long professional massage. The client is not limited in the number and time of relaxation with touches and kisses. It is also possible to share a shower and other entertainments - champagne, hookah.

Pleasant additions to erotic massage available to clients of the Athena salon

The client can always supplement the erotic massage with pleasant procedures in accordance with his needs. The salon is ready to offer quality service in the provision of such services.

Available to our clients:


Striptease in Kiev

A spectacular show performed by professional dancers. They take off their clothes, allow the client to touch visible parts of the body, for example, nipples, breasts, collarbones, waist, etc. The guest can choose the mood of the dance, the speed and even the composition itself.

Service "Master"

Service Overlord

It implies control over the body of a masseuse girl. The guest can caress him, kiss him, touch his intimate places with his hands and tongue, but without penetration.

Professional peep show

Pip show

Can be combined with an erotic massage procedure. During a peep-show, a man watches a girl-masseuse, who performs an enchanting dance and at the same time caresses herself, smoothly moving to a man.

Lesbian show

Lesbian show

A memorable performance by girls who, at the request of the guest, caress each other's bodies, kiss, carry out other manipulations, smoothly moving to the client.

Shared shower / jacuzzi

Shared shower with a masseuse

It will help you to relax as much as possible. A beautiful girl will caress her body right in the jacuzzi or under the shower.

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The specialized erotic massage salon "Athena" will allow you to plunge into the world of affordable pleasure, relieve you of the framework and conventions. Plus, all this will be an extensive list of services and a competent approach to meeting the needs of different categories of clients. Intimate massage allows you to diversify your usual sex life without harming the relationship.

Our website will help you choose a service, here you can also fill out a small online callback form or contact the manager by multi-channel phone. We are ready to show you that sexual massage can be safe and can be successfully combined with the most modern wellness techniques.